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AIA Vitality members can enjoy up to 50% off Low Fare (basic economy class) AirAsia flights. One accompanying passenger can also enjoy 10% discount when travelling with you.


「AIA Vitality 健康程式」會員根據於訂票時其「AIA Vitality 健康程式」級別,享有不同程度優惠。

「AIA Vitality 健康程式」級別


AIA Vitality Member











  • There is a limit of 2 discounted travel events that the member may book across all AIA Vitality airline partners in each AIA Vitality membership year.
  • Only direct flights within 4 hours of flight time qualify for the discount.
  • Only AirAsia flights departing from Malaysia with the flight codes AK, FD and QZ qualify for the discount.
  • The discount is NOT valid for flights operated by AirAsiaX.
  • You are allowed to book for 1 accompanying passenger and the accompanying passenger will receive a Bronze level discount.
  • You must be an AIA Vitality member at the time of booking to qualify for the benefit.
  • 您所享有的折扣是以您預訂當天日期(而並不是旅行日期)的所屬級別作計算
  • The discount can be applied to the normal retail fares and is not subject to any additional special offers and/or promotion-type fares. For normal retail fares, you may refer to 亞洲航空.
  • The discount applies only to Low Fare (basic economy-class) flight bookings for One-way or Return tickets.
  • The discount will be applied to the base fare only (excludes airport taxes, fuel levies and GST – i.e. no additional discount besides base fare).
  • You must book your trip at least 10 days before your departure date.
  • The discount does not apply to infant tickets.
  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable.
  • Bookings are non-transferable, i.e. you are not allowed to transfer to another passenger.
  • 本折扣概不適用於您更改預訂所招致的費用及額外開支。
  • If you have an existing BIG Membership, you can still earn BIG points from your AIA Vitality discounted flights. You will need to modify the booking details from the AirAsia main website to include your BIG Shot ID. The BIG points calculation will be done based on AirAsia existing rules.
  • 亞洲航空可能更改票價而不另行通知。 「AIA Vitality 健康程式」與亞洲航空不會因為這些變更,可能遇到的任何損失而負責.
請注意:「AIA Vitality 健康程式」折扣只適用於通過「AIA Vitality 健康程式」網站進入亞洲航空訂票網站所進行的交易。 The discount is NOT valid for flights booked through travel agents or third-party booking sites.


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