AIA Vitality Pure Fitness membership discount

Pure Fitness

Pure Group是亞洲生活方式品牌的權威,品牌包括Pure Yoga、Pure Fitness、Pure Apparel、RED Bar + Restaurant和nood food等等。

Pure Fitness致力於對增進健康和積極生活的社群提供服務。 擁有先進一流的設備,提供功能訓練、自由舉重、騎單車等專屬區域,以及各種時段的課程,包括最有名的Les Mills計劃、ViPR Group Fitness團體健身、瑜伽、普拉提(Pilates)、嘻哈舞、爵士街舞和鋼管舞等。 對喜歡接受個別指導的客戶,還可提供全職、經過PTA Global認證的個人健身教練。


「AIA Vitality 健康程式」會員加入香港的Pure Fitness會籍,可享有建議零售價85折*。


What’s more, you will enjoy one complimentary 7-day pass+ valid at all Pure locations when you register online to find out more about the Pure Fitness Agreement.

* Selected agreements have options to include access to Pure Fitness branches in Shanghai, Singapore, and Taiwan. Please contact Pure directly to learn more about the different agreement available.

^不可與其他折扣或優惠券合併使用。請直接洽詢Pure Group。

+7天入場證僅適用於第一次參觀Pure的香港居民。請直接洽詢Pure Group。

在Pure Fitness健身,每天可賺取100「AIA Vitality 健康程式」積分


  • 您最多只可加入1種會籍

    Each AIA Vitality member can sign up for a maximum of 1 Pure agreement with the AIA Vitality discount. It must be under the member’s name and cannot be used by another person.

  • 本折扣僅適用於新協議

    The AIA Vitality discount only applies to new Pure Fitness gym agreements. Existing gym agreements will need to be continued until the existing agreement end-date. At renewal, you can apply for a new agreement at the AIA Vitality-discounted rate. You can still earn points by linking your existing Pure agreement to your AIA Vitality account by following the steps for “現有客戶” below.

  • 個人訓練費無折扣優惠

    本折扣不適用於個人訓練費用。目前的個人訓練費率和優惠適用。適用現有的個人訓練費率和優惠。請直接洽詢Pure Fitness 以瞭解詳情。

  • 健身時,您每天最多可賺取100「AIA Vitality 健康程式」積分

    在香港的Pure Fitness健身,「AIA Vitality 健康程式」每天最多可獎賞100積分,無論您一天前往的次數多寡。如果同一天中完成超過1種以上的體能活動,您將賺取當天最高的健身積分(最高為100積分)。

  • 退貨和退費

    請遵循Pure Fitness/Yoga協議規定辦理退貨或退費。


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